ACM SIGGRAPH Frontiers Workshop: ACM SIGGRAPH Frontiers Workshop on Computer Graphics for Autonomous Vehicles and Car Experience
Event TypeACM SIGGRAPH Frontiers Workshop
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TimeSunday, 17 November 20199:00 - 16:30
DescriptionThis workshop showcases the state-of-the art advances and future trends in the use of Computer Graphics in autonomous vehicles and the driving experience. As the driving experience evolves, new interaction modalities are being studied by academics and practitioners.

Working in areas ranging from simulation and data analysis in autonomous vehicles, to storytelling for in-cabin experience, vehicle configurators, and exterior design and engineering, this workshop will present the latest in immersive visualization and show the importance of computer graphics and real-time ray-tracing in automotive.

Attendees will learn how to apply these concepts to study vision, engineering visualization, and the use of AI for the design and implementation of successful driving experiences. Together presenters and attendees will have a unique opportunity to be part of discussion panels and breakouts on the future of driver experience.