Technical Papers Fast-Forward : Technical Papers Fast-Forward
Event TypeTechnical Papers Fast-Forward
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TimeSunday, 17 November 201918:00 - 20:00
LocationGreat Hall 1&2
DescriptionAn entertaining, illuminating summary of SIGGRAPH Asia's 2019 Technical Papers in an exciting two-hour session! The author(s) of each paper are allowed a little less than a minute to wow the crowd with their results and entice attendees to hear their complete paper presentation later in the week.
18:00 - 18:01MIS Compensation: Optimizing Sampling Techniques in Multiple Importance Sampling
18:01 - 18:02Variance-Aware Multiple Importance Sampling
18:02 - 18:03Selectively Metropolised Monte Carlo light transport simulation
18:03 - 18:04Integral formulations of volumetric transmittance
18:04 - 18:06ZoomOut: Spectral Upsampling for Efficient Shape Correspondence
18:06 - 18:07Distortion-Minimizing Injective Maps Between Surfaces
18:07 - 18:08X-CAD: Optimizing CAD Models with Extended Finite Elements
18:08 - 18:09Repairing Man-Made Meshes via Visual Driven Global Optimization with Minimum Intrusion
18:09 - 18:11SceneGit: A Practical System for Diffing and Merging 3D Environments
18:11 - 18:12Accelerated Complex-Step Finite Difference for Expedient Deformable Simulation
18:12 - 18:13Material-adapted Refinable Basis Functions for Elasticity Simulation
18:13 - 18:14A Scalable Galerkin Multigrid Method for Real-time Simulation of Deformable Objects
18:14 - 18:15Accelerating ADMM for Efficient Simulation and Optimization
18:15 - 18:17Schur Complement-based Substructuring of Stiff Multibody Systems with Contact
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18:17 - 18:18Handheld Mobile Photography in Very Low Light
18:18 - 18:19Learning Efficient Illumination Multiplexing for Joint Capture of Reflectance and Shape
18:19 - 18:20Blind image super resolution with spatially variant degradations
18:20 - 18:22Hierarchical and View-invariant Light Field Segmentation by Maximizing Entropy Rate on 4D Ray Graphs
18:22 - 18:23Document Rectification and Illumination Correction using a Patch-based CNN
18:23 - 18:24Curve-pleated structures
18:24 - 18:25Modeling Curved Folding with Freeform Deformations
18:25 - 18:26Checkerboard Patterns with Black Rectangles
18:26 - 18:28Chebyshev Nets from Commuting PolyVector Fields
18:28 - 18:29Discrete Geodesic Parallel Coordinates
18:29 - 18:30Colorblind-Shareable Videos by Synthesizing Temporal-Coherent Polynomial Coefficients
18:30 - 18:31Animating Landscape: Self-Supervised Learning of Decoupled Motion and Appearance for Single-Image Video Synthesis
18:31 - 18:33DeepRemaster: Temporal Source-Reference Attention Networks for Comprehensive Video Enhancement
18:33 - 18:34Write-A-Video: Computational Video Montage from Themed Text
18:34 - 18:35Neural Style-Preserving Visual Dubbing
18:35 - 18:36Mandoline: Robust Cut-Cell Generation for Arbitrary Triangle Meshes
18:36 - 18:37QuadMixer: Layout Preserving Blending of Quadrilateral Meshes
18:37 - 18:393D Hodge Decompositions of Edge and Face-based Vector Fields
18:39 - 18:40Bounded Distortion Tetrahedral Metric Interpolation
18:40 - 18:41Deep Face Normalization
18:41 - 18:423D Ken Burns Effect from a Single Image
18:42 - 18:44Artistic Glyph Image Synthesis via One-Stage Few-Shot Learning
18:44 - 18:45A Novel Framework For Inverse Procedural Texture Modeling
18:45 - 18:46Comic-Guided Speech Synthesis
18:46 - 18:47Transport-Based Neural Style Transfer for Smoke Simulations
18:47 - 18:48Consistent Shepard Interpolation for SPH-Based Fluid Animation
18:48 - 18:50A Multi-Scale Model for Coupling Strands with Shear-Dependent Liquid
18:50 - 18:51The Reduced Immersed Method for Real-Time Fluid-Elastic Solid Interaction and Contact Simulation
18:51 - 18:52A Thermomechanical Material Point Method for Baking and Cooking
18:52 - 18:53Design and Structural Optimization of Topological Interlocking Assemblies
18:53 - 18:55Extrusion-Based Ceramics Printing with Strictly-Continuous Deposition
18:55 - 18:56Carpentry Compiler
18:56 - 18:57Computational LEGO Technic Design
18:57 - 18:58Redefining A in RGBA: Towards a Standard for Graphical 3D Printing
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18:58 - 18:59Cubic Stylization
18:59 - 19:01LOGAN: Unpaired Shape Transform in Latent Overcomplete Space
19:01 - 19:02Orometry-based terrain analysis and synthesis
19:02 - 19:03Multi-Theme Generative Adversarial Terrain Amplification
19:03 - 19:04Terrain Amplification with Implicit 3D Features
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19:04 - 19:06Taichi: A Language for High-Performance Computation on Spatially Sparse Data Structures
19:06 - 19:07Staged Metaprogramming for Shader System Development
19:07 - 19:08Mitsuba 2: A Retargetable Forward and Inverse Renderer
19:08 - 19:09Automatically Translating Image Processing Libraries to Halide
19:09 - 19:11Learning predict-and-simulate policies from unorganized human motion data
19:11 - 19:12DReCon: Data-Driven Responsive Control of Physics-Based Characters
19:12 - 19:13Learning Body Shape Variation in Physics-based Characters
19:13 - 19:14SoftCon: Simulation and Control of Soft-Bodied Animals with Biomimetic Actuators
19:14 - 19:15Neural State Machine for Character-Scene Interactions
19:15 - 19:17Reducing Simulator Sickness with Perceptual Camera Control
19:17 - 19:18DiCE: Dichoptic Contrast Enhancement for VR and Stereo Displays
19:18 - 19:19DeepFovea: Neural Reconstruction for Foveated Rendering and Video Compression using Learned Statistics of Natural Videos
19:19 - 19:20Wirtinger Holography for Near-eye Displays
19:20 - 19:22Holographic Near-Eye Displays Based on Overlap-Add Stereograms
19:22 - 19:23Tomographic Projector: Large Scale Volumetric Display with Uniform Viewing Experiences
19:23 - 19:24An Integrated 6DoF Video Camera and System Design
19:24 - 19:25The Relightables: Volumetric Performance Capture of Humans with Realistic Relighting
19:25 - 19:26Modeling Endpoint Distribution of Pointing Selection Tasks in Virtual Reality Environments
19:26 - 19:28Learned Large Field-of-View Imaging With Thin-Plate Optics
19:28 - 19:29Learning an Intrinsic Garment Space for Interactive Authoring of Garment Animation
19:29 - 19:30Biomimetic Eye Modeling & Deep Neuromuscular Oculomotor Control
19:30 - 19:31Acoustic texture rendering for extended sources in complex scenes
19:31 - 19:33Redirected Smooth Mappings for Multi-User Real Walking in VR
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19:33 - 19:34Deep Iterative Frame Interpolation for Full-frame Video Stabilization
Technical Papers Fast Forward Presenter
19:34 - 19:35GradNet: Unsupervised Deep Screened Poisson Reconstruction for Gradient-Domain Rendering
19:35 - 19:36Adversarial Monte Carlo Denoising with Conditioned Auxiliary Feature Modulation
19:36 - 19:37Learning Generative Models for Rendering Specular Microgeometry
19:37 - 19:39Deep Point Correlation Design
19:39 - 19:40A Differential Theory of Radiative Transfer
19:40 - 19:41Reparameterizing Discontinuous Integrands for Differentiable Rendering
19:41 - 19:42Non-linear sphere tracing for rendering deformed signed distance fields
19:42 - 19:44Differentiable Surface Splatting for Point-based Geometry Processing
19:44 - 19:45The Camera Offset Space: Real-time Potentially Visible Set Computations for Streaming Rendering
19:45 - 19:46OpenSketch: A Richly-Annotated Dataset of Product Design Sketches
19:46 - 19:47Language-based Colorization of Scene Sketches
19:47 - 19:48Data-driven Interior Plan Generation for Residential Buildings
19:48 - 19:50Dynamic Hair Modeling from Monocular Videos using Deep Neural Networks
19:50 - 19:51Real2Sim: Visco-elastic parameter estimation from dynamic motion
19:51 - 19:52Video-Guided Real-to-Virtual Parameter Transfer for Viscous Fluids
19:52 - 19:53Fluid Carving: Intelligent Resizing for Fluid Simulation Data
19:53 - 19:55ScalarFlow: A Large-Scale Volumetric Data Set of Real-world Scalar Transport Flows for Computer Animation and Machine Learning
19:55 - 19:56RPM-Net: Recurrent Prediction of Motion and Parts from Point Cloud
19:56 - 19:57Learning Adaptive Hierarchical Cuboid Abstractions of 3D Shape Collections
19:57 - 19:58StructureNet: Hierarchical Graph Networks for 3D Shape Generation
19:58 - 19:59SDM-NET: Deep Generative Network for Structured Deformable Mesh