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Event TypeEmerging Technologies, Emerging Technologies Presentations
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TimeTuesday, 19 November 201910:00 - 18:00
LocationGreat Hall 3&4 - Experience Hall
360Drops: Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration using 360 Panorama in 3D Scene
AlteredWind: Manipulating Perceived Direction of the Wind by Cross-Modal presentation of Visual, Audio and Wind Stimuli
Brobdingnagian Glass: A Micro-Stereoscopic Telexistence System
Biofeedback Interactive VR System Using Biological Information Measurement HMD
Co-Limbs: An Intuitive Collaborative Control for Wearable Robotic Arms
Demonstration of ThermAirGlove: A Pneumatic Glove for Material Perception in Virtual Reality through Thermal and Force Feedback
Enhancing Suspension Activities in Virtual Reality with Body-Scale Kinesthetic Force Feedbacks
Hanger Drive: Driver Manipulation System for Self-balancingTransporter Using the Hanger Reflex Haptic Illusion
Hapballoon: Wearable Haptic Balloon-Based Feedback Device
Haptiple: A Wearable, Modular and Multiple Haptic Feedback System for Embodied Interaction
IlluminatedFocus: Vision Augmentation using Spatial Defocusing
Inclination Manipulator : Pitch Redirected Walking using Haptic Cues
Levitar: Real Space Interaction through Mid-Air CG Avatar
Licker: A Tongue Robot for Representing Realistic Tongue Motions
Light'em: A Multiplexed Lighting System
NavigaTorch: Projection-based Robot Control Interface using High-speed Handheld Projector
PortOn: Portable mid-air imaging optical system on glossy materials
Polyvision: 4D Space Manipulation through Multiple Projections
PinpointFly: An Egocentric Position-pointing Drone Interface using Mobile AR
ReFriction: Remote friction control on polystyrene foam by ultrasound phased array
Simple is Vest: High-Density Tactile Vest that Realizes Tactile Transfer of Fingers
StickyTouch: An Adhesion Changeable Surface
SwarmCloak: Landing of a Swarm of Nano-Quadrotors on Human Arms
Synesthesia Wear : Full-body haptic clothing interface based on two-dimensional signal transmission
TwinCam Go: Proposal of Vehicle-Ride Sensation Sharing with Stereoscopic 3D Visual Perception and Vibro-Vestibular Feedback for Immersive Remote Collaboration
Three-dimensional Interaction Technique Using an Acoustically Manipulated Balloon
[CURATED] An Integrated 6DoF Video Camera and System Design