Duncan Smith
Duncan Smith is regarded internationally as one of the Asia-Pacific region’s most
experienced Diversity and Inclusion practitioners. With thirty years of experience with
corporations and governments in Australia, the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific
region, Duncan is known for his ability to work with individuals, groups, and organizations to
link D&I initiatives with core performance issues: developing more effective leaders,
responding to globalization, increasing team performance and productivity, attracting and
retaining top talent, enhancing creativity, innovation, and problem solving capabilities, and
improving service delivery. As a consultant, manager, and executive educator, Duncan has worked with numerous multi-national companies, national and state governments, and universities. He is a member of the Expert Panel for the Global Inclusion and Diversity Benchmarks, a mentor for the Inclusion Allies Coalition, and in 2018 released the book Foundations of Diversity.
Diversity & Inclusivity
International Resources Committee Sessions
Diversity & Inclusivity
International Resources Committee Sessions