Matthias Kramm
Matthias works on perception technologies at Google. He's also the author of multiple open source projects, including a vector graphics library, an animation editor, a machine learning library and several compilers and static analysis tools. He has a Ph.D. in computer science (data compression). In his spare time, he takes apart old computers.

Demoscene Bio:
Matthias goes by the pseudonym "Quiss". As part of the demo group Reflex, he released five C64 demos between 1994 and 1996 that all won first place in demo competitions, at events in Europe. One of his demos ("Mathematica") is still in csdb's all-time top 100.

Talk synopsis:
What are the tricks, algorithms and optical illusions that make 8-bit (C64) demos "tick"? This talk covers, among others, fake zooming / texture-mapping, 2D zoetropes & cyclers, XOR filling and Bresenham decision trees, and how to dissect a more complicated effect into the individual building blocks.