Bill Posters
Barnaby Francis, often working under the pseudonym Bill Posters, is an award winning artist-researcher, author and hacktivist who is interested in art as research and critical practice. Posters works collaboratively across inter-disciplinary fields to interrogate persuasion architectures and power relations that exist in public space and online.
Since 2016, Posters has extended his focus to explore computational forms of propaganda and the associated architectures that define the Digital Influence Industry. He uses art to challenge forms of power in relation notions of democracy, human rights, autonomy and privacy. His projects have received global media coverage in print, on radio and TV for holding power to account. His latest project 'Big Dada' (2019) utilised deep fake technologies to create AI synthesised personas of Mark Zuckerberg and other celebrity 'Influencers'. After going viral on Instagram, the project successfully trolled Facebook, one of the largest tech companies on earth and raised important questions concerning Facebook and Instagram's policies for computational forms of propaganda on their platforms. Posters is a published author and international speaker and guest lecturer. His works are held in public and private collections.