clarissa ribeiro
Clarissa Ribeiro, Ph.D. in Arts, Former Fulbright Scholar in Arts, M.Arch, B.Arch, chair of the first Leonardo/ISAST LASER talks to be implemented in Brazil, directs the CrossLab research group and art collective and the LIP - Lab for Innovation and Prototyping at the University of Fortaleza where teaches experimental design studios and morphogenetic modeling . For the Master in City Sciences at the same institution, she designed a module on city-organisms emergent behavior. Was an Associate Professor for Roy Ascott Studio B.A. in Technoetic Arts in Shanghai in 2015, after one year (2013-2014) collaborating with the Art|Sci Center and Lab at UCLA in Los Angeles as a Fulbright Post-Doctoral Research Scholar in Arts, under the supervision of Professor James Gimzewski. From 2009/2010 she was a Ph.D. Visiting Researcher at the CAiiA-Hub of the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, UK, under the supervision of Professor Roy Ascott, by the time she was a Ph.D. candidate in Brazil at the School of Communication and Arts, University of Sao Paulo, under the supervision of Professor Gilbertto Prado and was a member of his art collective Poéticas Digitais. As an independent artist, working in collaboration with artists, scientists, research groups and art collectives in her home country and abroad, she has been producing and exhibiting internationally experimental interactive installations exploring cross-scale informational and communicational dynamics. In a broader spectrum, her artistic and research interests converge in the exploration of consciousness and the self, creativity, and affection as emergences from local and nonlocal communication phenomena in macro, micro, molecular and subatomic scales.