Keke Quei
Keke Quei Co-Chaired the Business Innovation Symposium.

She is currently has multiple hats and is the the Lead Community Designer, lab-k, Founder, Kinnogene Inc. an External Advisor, McKinsey & Company.

She will be moderating the panel discussion on Grow with 3D Ecosystems.

Her inventive path – dolphin training, tech-firm executive, consultant, coach, facilitator, curator, futurist, and start-ups investor and advisor - has been sustained by a tenuous but still holding right brain left brain equilibrium. I'm always looking to mix it up in new ways with the talented, wild and crazy, fun-loving folks in communities, NGOs, and corporations that I serve to make a difference. I grew up in Taiwan, have lived and worked globally and now partner with organizations to realize their purpose through their leaders. I curate intimate and large scale co-creation events to leverage the brains and hearts in a place that shape their future together.
Business & Innovation Symposium