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Redirected Smooth Mappings for Multi-User Real Walking in VR
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Technical Papers
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TimeWednesday, 20 November 201910:03 - 10:24
DescriptionWe propose a novel technique to provide multi-user real walking experiences with physical interactions in VR applications. In our system, multiple users walk freely while navigating a large, virtual environment within a smaller, physical workspace. These users can interact with other real users or physical props in the same physical locations. The key of our method is a redirected smooth mapping that incorporates the redirected walking technique to warp the input virtual scene with small bends and low distance distortion. Users possess a wide field of view to explore the mapped virtual environment while being redirected in the real workspace. To keep multiple users away from the overlaps of the mapped virtual scenes, we present an automatic collision avoidance technique based on dynamic virtual avatars. These avatars naturally appear, move, and disappear, producing as little influence as possible on users’ walking experiences. We evaluate our multi-user real walking system through formative user studies, and demonstrate the capability and practicability of our technique in two multi-user applications.