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Deep Face Normalization
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Technical Papers Fast-Forward
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TimeSunday, 17 November 201918:40 - 18:41
LocationGreat Hall 1&2
DescriptionFrom angling smiles to duck faces, all kinds of facial expressions can be seen in selfies, portraits, and Internet pictures. These photos are taken from various camera types, and under a vast range of angles and lighting conditions. We present a deep learning framework that can fully normalize unconstrained face images, i.e., remove perspective distortions, relight to an evenly lit environment, and predict a frontal and neutral face. Our method can produce a high resolution image while preserving important facial details and the likeness of the subject, along with the original background. We divide this ill-posed problem into three consecutive normalization steps, each using a different generative adversarial network that acts as an image generator. Perspective distortion removal is performed using a dense flow field predictor. A uniformly illuminated face is obtained using a lighting translation network, and the facial expression is neutralized using a generalized facial expression synthesis framework combined with a regression network based on deep features for facial recognition. We introduce new data representations for conditional inference, as well as training methods for supervised learning to ensure that different expressions of the same person can yield to not only a plausible but also a similar neutral face. We demonstrate our results on a wide range of challenging images collected in the wild. Key applications of our method range from robust image-based 3D avatar creation, portrait manipulation, to facial enhancement and reconstruction tasks for crime investigation. We also found through an extensive user study, that our normalization results can be hardly distinguished from ground truth ones if the person is not familiar.