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An Integrated 6DoF Video Camera and System Design
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Technical Papers
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TimeTuesday, 19 November 201916:36 - 16:57
DescriptionDesigning a fully integrated 360 degree video camera supporting 6DoF head motion parallax requires overcoming many technical hurdles, including camera placement, optical design, sensor resolution, system calibration, real-time video capture, depth reconstruction, and real-time novel view synthesis.
While there is a large body of work describing various system components, such as multi-view depth estimation, our paper is the first to describe a complete, reproducible system that considers the challenges arising when designing, building, and deploying a full end-to-end 6DoF video camera and playback environment.
Our system includes a computational imaging software pipeline supporting on-line marker-less calibration, high-quality reconstruction, and real-time streaming and rendering.
Most of our exposition is based on a professional 16-camera configuration, which will be commercially available to film producers.
However, our software pipeline is generic and can handle a variety of camera geometries and configurations. The entire calibration and reconstruction software pipeline along with example datasets will be open sourced to encourage follow-up research in high-quality 6DoF video reconstruction and rendering.