Demoscene Talk
The Emergence of the Demoscene: Ziggy
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Demoscene Talk
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TimeWednesday, 20 November 201911:00 - 12:00
DescriptionHow the demoscene has progressed into the web browser

What are the tricks, algorithms and optical illusions that make 8-bit (C64) demos "tick"? This talk covers, among others, fake zooming / texture-mapping, 2D zoetropes & cyclers, XOR filling and Bresenham decision trees, and how to dissect a more complicated effect into the individual building blocks.

What is the demoscene? - From cracks to glitches to the pushing the GPU - how a subculture became the purest convergence of art and science.

Limitations Push Creativity - Thinking and Working the Demoscene Way

The evolution of chiptune, video hardware tricks and a world where limitation gives birth to visual aesthetic.