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Waumananyi: the song on the wind
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VR Theater
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TimeMonday, 18 November 201910:00 - 16:00
LocationExhibition Hall 1
DescriptionThe project explores mental health and healing from an Aboriginal perspective. Created by the acclaimed Uti Kulintjaku, formed from the Ngangkari traditional healers and artists of the NPY Women’s Council, the collective addresses community issues of mental health from both Aboriginal and Western perspectives.
Working with UNSW felt Experience and Empathy Lab (feel), the team have created a virtual reality work, sharing their healing practices through creative visualisation. Waumananyi: The Song on the Wind is an Anangu-led response to the experiences of constraint, entrapment and depression through the traditional story of The Man in the Log.
The virtual reality experience asks what is it really like to be physically and mentally trapped in a space that you can’t escape from? In this case you can see through holes in the log and you can see people you love and people in your community, but you can no longer connect with them. A profound metaphor for incarceration, separation, addiction and that sense of powerlessness that many people in aboriginal communities experience.