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[Curated] Scene Reconstruction for the Oculus Space Sharing Demo
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XR Presentations
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TimeMonday, 18 November 201910:00 - 18:00
LocationGreat Hall 3&4 - Experience Hall
DescriptionThe Oculus Space Sharing Demo “Together from Wherever” allows two users to interact in VR inside a photo-realistic re-creation of a real environment. Real world places (such as your living room) have meaning and lead to a greater sense of presence. With this demo, we can glimpse a future where it should be possible to experience that profound sense of presence with someone important in your life in virtual reality irrespective of physical distance.

John Abad, Matthew Banks, Justin Blosch, Anders Bond, Milton Cadogan, Christopher Dotson, Francesco Georg, Simon Green, Shiva Halan, Heath Liles, James Lin, Steven Lovegrove, Jeffrey Mancebo, Alessia Mara, Christopher Ocampo, Luis Pesqueira, Vyacheslav Rakityanskey, Sarthak Ray, Thomas Rubalcava, Ryan Rutherford, Christina Tanouye, Andrew Welch, Benjamin Wulfe, Mingfei Yan, Stefano Zanetti