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The Cyber Security Challenges for Next-Generation Mixed-Reality
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TimeMonday, 18 November 20199:00 - 10:45
DescriptionMixed-reality systems are now becoming widespread in consumer and professional domains. While the science and engineering of these systems is progressing rapidly, new cyber security challenges as well as issues of privacy and trust these systems create remain underappreciated. Given that mixed-reality systems can control or alter a significant amount of our sensory input, the potential downsides of exploits of mixed-reality systems are very significant. System misuse by attackers can for instance lead to psychological, physical, reputational, social and economic harm. In this panel, we seek to explore the potential of threats in mixed-reality systems, understand how to mitigate them and how to better protect end-users moving forward.

This panel will approach the topic from four different directions. First, we will present an introduction to cyber security, and discuss how security and graphics R&D challenges, concerns and constraints overlap. Second, we will draw up work to date in related disciplines such as ubiquitous systems, games and navigation systems, to discuss the breadth of types of threat that mixed-reality is experiencing and may experience in the future. Third, we will discuss issues of privacy and trust in the context of attacks. Finally, we will frame how the community can respond to these challenges: what research and development is needed in order to move from research prototypes and early demonstrators to secure, reliable and trustworthy systems that can play a more significant role in everyday life.