ACM SIGGRAPH Frontiers Workshop
ACM SIGGRAPH Frontiers Workshop on Truth in Graphics and the Future of AI-Generated Content
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ACM SIGGRAPH Frontiers Workshop
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TimeSunday, 17 November 20199:00 - 16:30
Description[Organizer: Prof. Hao Li]
Increasingly realistic computer graphics, computer vision together with advances in AI, are facilitating stunningly realistic imagery, video, social and synthetic experiences.

These effects no longer require the skills of visual effect studios, but can be produced by anyone. This realism also means that it can be challenging to identify reality from fakes. An example of this are technologies such as Deep Fakes which convincingly swaps faces in videos, or allows one to manipulate facial expressions and speech of a person.

While new creative tools are enabled for various entertainment applications and avatar creation technologies, there is a growing concern for the spread of disinformation and privacy, due its accessibility by end users. Coupled with this, the increasingly prevalent use of AI algorithms is also gaining attention due to a number of high-profile incidents of algorithmic bias, for example computer judged beauty contests that deducted points for dark skin and AI-driven recruitment that biased against female applicants.

In this workshop, we will examine the positive and negative sides of these technologies, their rapid adoption on social media platforms and apps, and discuss what we as a community of researchers and practitioners can do build trust in our algorithms and ensure that our techniques are not misused. Furthermore, we will explore how the future of AI-driven content creation will impact society.