Diversity & Inclusivity
International Resources Committee Sessions
Diversity and Inclusion in the Asia-Pacific – Why and What?
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Diversity & Inclusivity
International Resources Committee Sessions
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TimeMonday, 18 November 20199:00 - 10:00
DescriptionContent will include:
· Diversity in the Region (Asia, Australia, New Zealand); norms and practices in building inclusive environment
· Explore what D&I means for the region as diversity varies across and by culture, region, discipline etc.
· Share stories on what going on in the region
· The Foundations of Diversity: as a framework for the chat, and for discussions leading to Q&A – what are their issues?
· Navigating differences between US and Global D&I approaches
· A broad an inclusive definition of diversity, including different disciplines within STEAM, diversity of thinking and approach


Working successfully with Diversity & Inclusion today means navigating complex dynamics between national cultures and between those cultures and our organisation’s culture, all while taking into account the impacts of our own personal culture and values. The good news is that there are ways to approach D&I that work across all cultures and sectors – methods that allow us to understand the impacts of our own approaches on ourselves and others and increase our ability to work effectively in this space. Over two sessions, we will address the three essential questions of doing D&I work around the Asia-Pacific region and around the world: Why do it? What is the work? And How to be effective in practice.

This first session will explore Why and What; moderator Tony Baylis of ACM SIGGRAPH’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair will moderate a conversation with leading Asia-Pacific D&I practitioner Duncan Smith. Tony and Duncan will then facilitate group discussion and Q&A, focusing on participants’ specific questions, issues, and problems. Come prepared with a story -- a puzzling experience, a wonderfully successful experience, something you’re working through at the moment or something you anticipate having to deal with in the future. As a group, we will bring our multiple perspectives to bear on finding solutions. This session will be useful for anyone working in, or interested in working in D&I.