Computer Animation Festival - Animation Theater
The Way Home
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Computer Animation Festival - Animation Theater
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TimeSunday, 17 November 201910:52 - 11:03
DescriptionThe Way Home is the first DigiPen student short film to be done entirely inside Unreal Engine 4.
The film seeks to push the boundaries of stylized animation and define the potential of an animation pipeline in a game engine.

As the field of animation continues to evolve in it's medium, the game industry has been slowly providing high fidelity and rendering quality that can rival commercial renderers. This only allows a bigger canvas for the animation medium, including new experiences like VR and AR storytelling.

By finishing this film, we hope to share the experience of using a game engine as the main driving force in an animation production. Real-time is the future of animation and the possibilities are endless - we think anyone can use it, even students and untrained artists seeking opportunities in the game industry.