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Wild Eyes
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Computer Animation Festival - Animation Theater
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TimeSunday, 17 November 20199:33 - 9:45
DescriptionWild Eyes is a 2D animated, digitally hand-drawn short film about the blind girl Kitana who has to discover, that fulfilling her greatest desire demands a terrible sacrifice.

The film uses her unique point of view to show how she perceives her surrounding and other people and how this leads to the decision she takes. As we see with our brains and our eyes are just one way of transmitting information, we visualized what she hears and feels through moving lines. To achieve the same hand-drawn look as in the outside view, without animating the person, that talks to her, by hand, we used the iPhone X with its newest facetracking technology for reference. It is an incredibly accurate way to capture the face of the voice actor without limiting his acting. After the recording we transferred the facial data to a custom mesh and staged the 3d object based on the concept art. Throughout the animation process we used the Facebook AR facedetection to quickly capture missing key poses. This workflow made it easy to place the lines correctly in perspective and motion.