XR Presentations: XR Presentations
Event TypeXR Presentations
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TimeMonday, 18 November 201910:00 - 18:00
LocationGreat Hall 3&4 - Experience Hall
AR-ia: Volumetric Opera for Mobile Augmented Reality
Come to the Table! A digital interface to support intercultural relationship building
Encounters: A Multiparticipant Audiovisual Art Experience with XR
FaceDrive: Facial Expression Driven Operation to Control Virtual Supernumerary Robotic Arms
FreeMo: Extending Hand Tracking Experiences Through Capture Volume and User Freedom
Head Gaze Target Selection for Redirected Interaction
HyperDrum: Interactive Synchronous Drumming in Virtual Reality using Everyday Objects
JumpinVR: Enhancing Jump Experience in a Limited Physical Space
Light Me Up: An Augmented-Reality Projection System
Live 6DoF Video Production with Stereo Camera
Lost City of Mer Virtual Reality Experience
M-Hair: Extended Reality by Stimulating the Body Hair
PhantomTouch: Creating an Extended Reality by the Illusion of Touch using a Shape-Memory Alloy Matrix
Physical e-Sports in VAIR Field system
Pumping Life: Embodied Virtual Companion for Enhancing Immersive Experience with Multisensory Feedback
SceneCam: Using AR to Improve Multi-Camera Remote Collaboration
SmartSim: Combination of Vibro-Vestibular Wheelchair and Curved Pedestal of Self-Gravitational Acceleration for Road Property and Motion Feedback
Super Size Hero
TouchVR: a Wearable Haptic Interface for VR Aimed at Delivering Multi-modal Stimuli at the User's Palm
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Who You Are is What You Tell: Effects of Perspectives on Virtual Reality Story Experiences
[Curated] Scene Reconstruction for the Oculus Space Sharing Demo
[Curated] Beyond the screen - Volumetric Displays from Voxon Photonics