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Beyond the screen - Volumetric Displays from Voxon Photonics
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TimeWednesday, 20 November 201912:09 - 12:21
DescriptionThis talk with give an overview of the Voxon VX1 3D volumetric display. Volumetric 3D data is fast becoming the gold standard in 3D interactive entertainment. Advances in Volumetric capture technology have enabled entirely new digital experiences that include Sport Replay, Music Videos, Gaming and Advertising. Yet despite the technological advances in 3D content creation, the most common way to view 3D is still on a 2D screen. VR and AR has partially addressed this shortcoming, but the need to wear goggles or headgear creates a barrier between the user and the 3D experience.

Voxon is seeking to remove that barrier, and in doing so is enabling human-centric 3D digital experiences that can be viewed from any direction with the naked eye. Using a unique volumetric rendering technology the Voxon display can bringing 3D digital assets into the physical world, and in doing so, enable a new type of shared visual experience.

To make this display technology a reality Voxon had to develop the world’s fastest real-time light engine, which is capable of rendering over 3 Billion points of light per second. Ben Weatherall, Voxon’s Unity Lead Programmer will talk about Voxon’s core technology, how to create content, and some of the unique aspects of volumetric imagery that set it apart from other types of media. He will also discuss important areas for future research in the volumetric display space.
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